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Seeking PCI DSS compliance or maintaining your current PCI DSS certification? CLICK HERE (LINK) to Get Certified.

You couldn’t be in better hands as we leverage on our deep knowledge and experience garnered from the years of PCIDSS engagements we have undertaken for diverse clients since we became a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

So, should you be embarking on the journey to PCIDSS compliance, permit us to guide you through every step as we take you through our “3 steps to PCIDSS certification”


We would begin with a Diagnostics phase which would comprise of certain activities of which the first would be a scoping assessment whereby we would consult with your personnel to understand your business and technical operations that would require compliance to the standard. Once these areas have been identified and defined, we would then proceed to conduct a gap assessment on the defined areas i.e. your scope of assessment. CLICK HERE (LINK) to Get Certified.

The gap assessment would seek to determine the compliance level of your documentation, processes and information technology infrastructure to the PCIDSS standard. Once this has been accomplished, we would move to the last activity whereby we develop a blueprint which would state the steps required to close the identified gaps as well as improve your organizations security posture.

The diagnostic phase over, we would proceed to the next step: Implementation & Remediation Management. Here, we would proceed to provide support and guidance in the implementation of applicable PCIDSS controls. Our experience would be showcased here as we provide guidance on gap remediation and proffer alternate solutions, where necessary, to ensure the compliance requirements are met. Once all gaps have been closed, we would conduct a mock compliance assessment to ascertain the compliance posture of your firm.

Finally, the compliance assessment would be conducted by our team of certified Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) and the successful evidence of compliance delivered to you.

Our project management skills would be brought to the fore as the activities in each certification step would be conducted based on best practice project management methodologies. We also offer other value-added services such as PCIDSS post-certification support to ensure your on-going compliance journey is as hitch-free as possible.  CLICK HERE (LINK) to Get Certified.